Phenogreen contains the microorganism for water stress/drought mitigation viz., Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotroph (PPFM) , Organic chelated potash and other micronutrients for improving plants’ tolerance to drought and disease. Plant growth promoting phyllosphere bacteria(PPPB) and mitigator of drought, cold, salinity and biotic stress conditions in plants.

Mode of Action

  • Growing plant cells produce variety of metabolites (methanol like compounds)
  • That are taken up and metabolized by the bacteria (PPFM) which may release ammonium ions.
  • Methylobacterium sp. also produces and secretes cytokinin and auxin.
  • These bacterial signals may indicate to the plant that epiphytes are present and active.
  • The phytohormones produced by the PPFM further stimulates growth of the plant


  • PPFMs produces plant growth hormones like auxins and cytokinins that influence germination and root growth and help plants to endure water stress by reducing evapo-transpiration loss of water from plants.
  • Accelerates vegetative growth, increases leaf area index, chlorophyll content and crop yield by ten percent. Also improves fruit quality, color and seed vigour
  • Enhances seed germination and seedling growth
  • Protects the plants from the infection by pathogens and reduces disease incidence

Technical Specification

PPFM (CFU count: 1 X 108/gm.), organic chelated potash including other micronutrients and water-soluble carrier


Water soluble formulation
200 g per acre

Method of Application

Foliar spray

Foliar Mix 200g of PHENOGREEN in 200 L of water. Spray the product on the leaves in such a way that the plant is fully drenched during early morning or late evening, which helps in adhering to spray the solution on the surface of the leaves/plants due to the presence of dew.

Time of application: 30, 60 90 and 120 days after transplanting coinciding with vegetative growth, flowering and grain/fruit setting stages of the crop. During water stress/drought conditions, spraying may be given once in 15 days interval.

Soil drenching

Mix 200 g of Phenogreen in 200 L of water and use it for drenching the soil near collar region of the plants in one acre area, with a hand operated sprayer after removing the nozzle starting from 15-20 DAS/DAT at 15 days interval, based on the need for crop

Recommended Crops

Phenogreen USP

Stress mitigatorOccurs mainly in the phyllosphere of plants and uses compound 1C produced on the surface of leaves for growth. Stress Mitigators. Produces the ACC deaminase enzyme and decreases the concentration of ethylene in the root system to mitigate the stress condition.

Role in plant metabolism Activates the enzymes involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, maintaining the integrity of cellular membranes, protein synthesis and the secretion of auxin and cytokinin.

Water regulationIncreases abscisic acid concentration in leaves and regulates stomatal opening to reduce transpiration in plants