Mycosym Wonder

Activator of soil-plant-microbe interactions
Contains high counts of spores and propagules of Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in a water soluble formulation for beneficial interactions at soil-plant interface, which promotes the root growth and enhances the uptake of phosphorous and other nutrients from soil

Mode of Action

  • Forms symbiotic association with roots of agricultural and horticultural crops
  • Establishes a network of mycelial mat on the root called as Mycorrhizal roots, which acts as a bridge between root and soil
  • Scavenges a large area of soil farther and deeper for absorption of nutrients especially P & micronutrients, water and transports to the plants for their utilization compared to non-mycorrhizal roots/plants
  • Acts as a barrier and prevents infection by soil borne pathogens and nematodes in plant roots

Figure 1 Mycorrhizae colonisation in roots


  • Mobilizes phosphorus, micro nutrients and moisture from the soil and supplies directly into the plant root system through its extended root-zone.
  • Protects crop from harmful plant diseases and nematodes by enhancing resistance of plants
  • Aids root proliferation, improves quality of the crops, enhances seed germination efficiency and increases fruiting & flowering of crops.
  • Helps to increase overall health of the plants for sustainable production and productivity of crops

Technical Specification

Rhizophagus irregularis (Old name Glomus intraradices)
(1000 spores/g.) nutrients and water-soluble carrier


Water soluble formulation
150 – 200 g per acre

Method of Application

Drip application

150-200 g product/acre

Soil drenching

Mix150- 200 g of the product with 100 lit. of water and drench the soil before sowing/transplanting using a Hand operated sprayer, after removing its nozzle.

Soil application

Mix 150-200 g with 1 L of water and sprinkle over 100 Kg of FYM or vermi compost. Broadcast this mixture uniformly all over the field for one acre area before sowing or planting. first application on 10-15 DAS/DAT and second application 20-25 DAS/DAP

Recommended Crops

  • Pulses

  • Cereals

  • Cotton

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Flowers

  • Ornamental

  • Plantation Crops

Mycosym Wonder USP

Unique Root organ culture technology followed for inoculum production Water soluble formulation suitable for all methods of application including bio-fertigation. Reduced dosage of 150-200 g per acre

Spore based inoculum with spore count of up to 1000 spores/g product