NPK consortia for seed treatment
Microencapsulated seed treatment product with consortium of N2 fixer, phosphate and potassium solubilizers/releasers to improve the availability of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium). SMART SEED TECHNOLOGY for better germination and seedling vigour

Mode of Action

  • Produces plant growth promoting substances viz., IAA, gibberellins &cytokinins, which stimulates seed germination, plant growth and yield of crops
  • Fixes atmospheric N2, solubilises insoluble PO4 and releases fixed K from clay minerals and contributes macro nutrients to plants
  • Enhances rhizhospheric beneficial microbial activities for better plant and soil health


  • Better seed germination and more even emergence
  • Improved seedling vigor and plant structure
  • Supports better root structure
  • Offers soil mobility to improve fertilizer efficiency and nutrient uptake
  • Delivers consistent yield performance and improved crop quality

Technical Specification

Azotobacter chrococcum, Bacillus megaterium, Frateuria aurantia (CFU count 5 X 107 min.), nutrients and water-soluble carrier


Microencapsulated water-soluble formulation
0.5-3.0 / g per Kg of seeds

Method of Application

Seed treatment

Mix required quantityof the product with recommended quantity of water and coat the seeds with the slurry, shade dryfor 10-15 min. and sow the seeds instantly.

S.No Crop Quantity of Multibio / Kg seed (g) Water / Kg seed (ml)
1 Cotton-Hybrid 1.5g 14ml
2 Maize-Hybrid 1.5g 12ml
3 Paddy-Hybrid 1.5g 20ml
4 Bhendi,  Pearl millet 3g 18ml
5 Sorghum 3g 10ml
6 Tomato-Hybrid 3g 500ml
7 Chilli-Hybrid 6g 100ml

Also suitable for seedling root dip, soil drenching, drip and soil application

Recommended Crops

  • Pulses

  • Cereals

  • Cotton

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Flowers

  • Ornamental

  • Plantation Crops

Multibio USP

Multibio is prepared using microencapsulation technologyEncapsulated formulation helps in slow and sustained release of microbes and micronutrients for plants

Suitable for pre coating seeds Seeds pre-coated with the product can be stored even up to a period of 6 months

Better shelf lifeOptimized water activity (aW) of the product ensures a shelf life of 2 years

Simple coating processContains in-built biodegradable polymer, non-toxic to beneficial rhizhosphere soil microflora

Compatible with Chemical fungicides and insecticides

Optimum dose and concentrationVery low dosage (10 g acre-1 as against 600 g- 1 Kg acre-1 in conventional product) and Highly concentrated active ingredients (10^10 cells g-1 as against 10^7 in the conventional product)

User-friendly application methods