Kelbio K

KELBIO K is enriched potash plus organically chelated micronutrients that are readily bio available to plants.
Potassium 15% Water Soluble Powder. Organic anionic K with chelated micronutrients for foliar nutrition

Mode of Action

  • Strengthens plants and improves plant resistance to drought and disease
  • Enhances many enzyme actions aiding in photosynthesis, builds cellulose and helps in translocation of sugars and starches.
  • Maintains turgor and reduces water loss and wilting.
  • Assists in nutrient transfer and activates vital plant enzymes
  • Improves quality of produce
  • Protects against biotic and abiotic stress


  • More easily translocated and assimilated within the plant astheir action is partly systemic
  • Chances of ‘scorching’ of crops are less because they are in organic form
  • Compatible with a wide variety of pesticides and liquid fertilizers, as they do not react with their components
  • Helps in early flowering and fruit set
  • Protects the crop from water stress/drought and disease

Technical Specification

Potassium (K) – 15% min., Nitrogen from organic source – 2 ± 0.2 %, Organic chelated secondary and micronutrients – 5% min. and Other water soluble ingredients – 78%


Water soluble formulation
200 g per acre

Method of Application

Foliar application

Mix 200g of Kelbio K in 200 L of water. Spray the product on the leaves in such a way that the plant is fully drenched during early morning or late evening, which helps in adhering of spray solution on the surface of the leaves/plants due to the presence of dew.

Time of application

30, 60, 90 and 120 days after transplanting coinciding with vegetative growth, flowering and grain/fruit setting stages of the crop. In vegetable and fruit crops, spraying may also be given after each harvest of produce

Recommended Crops

Kelbio K USP

Organic anionic product of Potassium with organically chelated micronutrients

Essential micronutrients with high Mg content present in chelated form

Better absorption in plants than inorganic and other forms of foliar nutrients

Enhanced bioavailability of the nutrients. Quickly absorbed and assimilated within a period of 2 hrs to 24 hrs depending on the nutrients