Kelbio Combat

Kelbio Combat designed based on fermentation technology – this high powered biotechnology product makes use of naturally available stimulants derived from seaweeds, microbiologically derived hydrolysed proteins and essential amino acids for plant growth. Stimulates plant metabolism contributing to enhanced growth and yield. Triggers the natural immune system of plants and helps in biotic and abiotic stress management.

Mode of Action


  • Better seed germination
  • Meristematic tissue development
  • Flowering and fruit setting
  • ROS scavenging
  • Osmo-protection
  • Organic acids help metal chelation
  • Availability of micronutrients to plants
  • Tolerance to biotic stress

Technical Specification


Technical Specification Dose
Phytohormones, hydrolysed proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, micronutrient elements; Cu, Fe, Mn, Co, Mo, B, etc., Liquid formulation 3 ml/lit

Method of application

Foliar spraying

  • Use at a concentration of 3.0 ml/L of water along with commercially available wetting agent (for homogeneous dispersion and sticking) and mix well.
  • Transfer this mix to hand operated sprayer and spray the above mix on the leaves in such a way that the plant is completely drenched twice on 20-25 and 45-50 DAS/DAT.

Recommended Crops

Kelbio Combat USP

  • Naturally derived bio stimulants containing Kelbio Combat, microbial derived hydrolysed proteins and essential amino acids for plant growth
  • Stimulates plant components towards yield enhancement and quality improvement