Symcare TV

Symcare TV is a wettable powder formulation containing spores and mycelial fragments of Trichoderma sp. for effective control of wide variety of seed and soil borne diseases caused by plant pathogenic fungi.

Mode of Action

  • Mycoparasitism Parasitism involves detection of plant pathogen, cell wall lysis hyphal penetration by appresorial formation; production of cell wall-degrading enzymes and degradation of pathogen’s cell wall
  • Antibiosis Produces secondary metabolites which, together with cell wall degrading enzymes, completely inhibit or prevent the growth of pathogenic fungi and/or elicit induced plant resistance against pathogens
  • Induce resistance in plants Activates plant defense mechanism through SAR and enhance production of Salicylic acid
  • Competition Trichoderma favourably compete for iron by production of siderophore causing the suppression of plant pathogens






  • DISEASE CONTROL – Controls wide range of soil borne disease caused by Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Schlerotinia, Verticillium, Alternaria, phytopthora, and other fungal pathogens.
  • PLANT GROWTH PROMOTER – Solubilizes phosphates and micronutrients and increases the number of deep roots, thereby increasing the plant growth.
  • RESISTANCE ACTIVATOR – Induces resistance in plants by regulating ethylene production, hypersensitive responses and other defense related reactions in plants.
  • BIOREMEDIATION – Plays an important role in the bioremediation of soil that are contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. They have the ability to degrade a wide range of insecticides: organochlorines, organophosphates and carbonates.
  • STRESS TOLERANCE – Alleviate a wide range of abiotic and physiological stresses

Technical Specification

Trichoderma viride (CFU count: 2 X 106/g) and carrier


Wettable powder formulation 1 Kg/acre

Technical Specification Dose
Trichoderma viride (CFU count: 2 X 106/g) and carrier Wettable powder formulation 1 Kg/acre

Method of Application

Soil application

Mix 4 Kg per acre with 100 Kg of FYM and broadcast uniformly all over the field before transplanting.

Recommended Crops

  • Pulses

  • Cereals

  • Fiber Crops

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Flowers

  • Ornamental

  • Plantation Crops

Symcare TV USP

  • Product has multiple mode of action against target pathogen
  • Forms symbiotic association in plants leading to the acquisition of plant resistance to pathogens, improves plant growth and yields and promotes absorption of nutrient and fertilizer use efficiency
  • Safe, ecofriendly and effective in controlling broad range of soil borne pathogens