Nodmor is a biofertilizer containing microencapsulated Rhizobium spp., a bacteria forming symbiotic association with soybean, pulses and other leguminous crops. It colonizes root cortical cells, forms root nodules and converts atmospheric nitrogen to NH4 form, which is readily utilized by the plant.
SMART SEED TECHNOLOGY for better germination, seedling vigour, nodulation and N2 fixation.

Mode of Action

  • Establishes a mutual beneficial relationship with leguminous plants
  • Produces plant growth promoting substances viz., IAA, & gibberellins, which stimulates seed germination, root hair formation, root curling, entry & infection by rhizobia, infection thread and nodule formulation in roots
  • Fixes atmospheric N2 in the root nodules in NH4+ form, which is directly assimilated and utilized by plants
  • Enriches soil N content for subsequent crops
  • Enhances rhizhospheric beneficial microbial activities for better plant and soil health
  • Higher protein content in grain legumes is due to N2 fixation by Rhizobium

Nodulation process in legumes


  • Represents a renewable source of N for agriculture
  • Forms effective (N2-fixing) symbiosis with their host legumes under salt, heat, and acid stresses
  • Increases nodulation, N2 fixation, N availability and N uptake in the inoculated plants
  • Increase in yield of the crops
  • Improves soil health and benefits the succeeding crop

Technical Specification

Rhizobium spp. (CFU count 5 X 107 min.), nutrients and water-soluble carrier


Microencapsulated water-soluble formulation 0.5-3.0 / g per Kg of seeds

Technical Specification Dose
Rhizobium spp. (CFU count 5 X 107 min.), nutrients and water-soluble carrier Microencapsulated water-soluble formulation 0.5-3.0 / g per Kg of seeds

Method of Application

Seed treatment

Mix required quantity of the product with recommended quantity of water and coat the seeds with the slurry, shade dry for 10-15 min. and sow the seeds instantly (Refer below table)

S.No Crop Quantity of Nodmor to be used for 1 Kg seed (g) Quantity of water to be used for 1 Kg seed (ml)
1 Soybean 0.75g 7ml
2 Green pea 0.75g 7ml
3 Red gram / Pigeon pea 0.75g 10ml
4 Bengal gram / Chick pea 0.75g 10ml
5 Ground nut 0.75g 10ml
6 Black gram 0.75g 8ml

Recommended Crops

  • Soybean

  • Chickpea

  • Red Gram

  • Cluster Bean

  • Peanut

  • Black Gram

  • Green Gram

Nodmor USP

  • Nodmor is prepared using microencapsulation technology – Encapsulated formulation helps in slow and sustained release of microbes and micronutrients for plants
  • Optimum dose and concentration – Very low dosage (10 g acre-1 as against 600 g- 1 Kg acre-1 in conventional product) and Highly concentrated active ingredients (10^10 cells g-1 as against 10^7 in the conventional product)
  • Compatible with Chemicals – Compatible with chemical fungicides and insecticides
  • Better shelf life – Optimized water activity (aW) of the product ensures a shelf life of 2 years
  • Suitable for pre coating seeds – Seeds pre-coated with the product can be stored even up to a period of 6 months
  • Simple coating process – Contains in-built biodegradable polymer, non-toxic to beneficial rhizhosphere soil microflora
  • User-friendly application methods