GroSym NPK

GroSym NPK is a beneficial microbial consortium that can fix atmospheric nitrogen along with solubilizing phosphate and potash in plant root system to enhance productivity and maintain better soil health

Mode of Action

  • Atmospheric nitrogen is fixed as readily utilizable ammoniacal N in soil /plant through the activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria.
  • Produces organic acids that solubilize unavailable form of phosphorous and potassium into available form
  • Enhances rhizhospheric beneficial microbial activities for better plant and soil health


GroSym NPK treated

  • Better germination
  • Supports better root structure
  • Offers soil mobility to improve fertilizer efficiency and nutrient uptake
  • Delivers consistent yield performance and improved crop quality

Technical Specification


Technical Specification Dose
Azotobacter chrococcum, Bacillus megaterium, Frateuria aurantia (CFU count 5 X 107 min.), and water-soluble carrier Water-soluble formulation 200g per acre

Method of Application

Seedling root dipping (For transplanted crops)

Mix 200 g of GroSym NPK in 20-25 litres of water in a cement or plastic tub or trough and dip the root portion of the seedlings required for planting one acre area in the diluted water slurry for 10-15 minutes before transplanting.

Soil application in the nursery and/or main field

Prepare a water slurry by mixing 200 g of GroSym NPK in 5-10 litres of water and sprinkle this water slurry over 100 Kg of FYM or vermicompost. Broadcast this mixture uniformly all over the field for one acre area before sowing or planting.

Soil drenching in the nursery and/or main field

Prepare water slurry by mixing 200 g of GroSym NPK with 200 lit. of water. Drench the above mix in the soil as a band/spot application on the ridges where the seeds are to be sown by using hand sprayer after removing the nozzle or manually by using a mug or bunch of neem leaves before sowing the seeds.

Recommended Crops

  • Pulses

  • Cereals

  • Cotton

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Flowers

  • Ornamental

  • Plantation Crops

GroSym USP

  • Increases the bioavailability of soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potash
  • Better seed germination and crop yield
  • Water soluble formulation for user friendly application